Week 3 – Project 2 Research – Computer Drawing

Last week, Scott proposed an interactive information project. We are going to create a graphic that the user can scroll over parts of it to find more information about the subject. After doing some thinking, I came up with a few ideas.

Ant Colonies

Ant Colonies

How Does an Ant Colony Operate? thumbnailI think that it might be interesting to do the project on ants and how their colonies work. There is a lot of science and behavioral studies that go in into into ants and the oration of their disciplined colonies. It might be fun to make a graphic that reveals their homes and the tunnels they dig and to go over and individual ant as well.

Seattle Underground

Another thought would to create an interactive map of Pioneer Square in Seattle. When the user scrolls over certain streets, information about the underground would pop up. The map would be a view from above so the user could have a solid reference of what they’relearning.


SLR Camera

A third option would be to dissect an SLR or a DSLR camera. I think this would be interesting because there are so many complex parts to a camera, however the science behind a camera is relatively simple.

Starbucks Coffee Menu

Iced Coffee with Milk

Another idea would be to create an image of a coffee drink that would change as the user scrolled over different menu items. It could reveal information about the different contents of each drink and even list amount of calories. I think this would be a fun one.


what unicorns are made of.

I think a funny idea would be to create my own graphic of a unicorn and go through the parts of what I think they are made of. I put this as my last option because I don’t know if doing something funny or lighthearted like this would be allowed for this assignment, but I’ll keep my hopes high, because this just may be my favorite idea.

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